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Air/Wind Experiments and Guided Visualization Activity

Air/Wind Experiment Objective: To understand what the wind does. Materials needed:. squares of wax paper straws food coloring water Place a teaspoon of colored water in the middle of the waxed paper. Blow at the water causing it to move, separate etc. More than one color can be used and by blowing two colors together, a new color will form. Write about your experience. Tornado: You will need: 1 jar 8" high with a cover enough water to fill the jar (8-10 ounces) 1 dash of good coloring 1 dash of liquid detergent Put everything in the jar and tighten the lid. Hold the jar by both ends turning it away from you smoothly and rapidly. Quickly hold it upright and watch your tornado! Try this with a soda bottle too! Air/Wind Guided Visualization Activity Sit in a comfortable spot outdoors. Close your eyes and take some deep relaxing breaths. Feel the air as it fills your lungs and as it leaves your body. Feel the air that has left your body gently surrounding you and lifting you up. You can't see it, but you know the air is supporting you, because you feel it's gentle strength around you. Let this force carry you wherever you want to go. You have always wanted to journey to this place. Feel the air become suddenly cool- then just as quickly, warm air replaces the cool air. You are tossed around by the change in temperature, but you remain calm. You feel at ease and comforted by the freeness of floating. You feel yourself descending. As your journey ends, take a deep breath and you will land effortlessly and safely.

Reflect and Write What were your feelings? Where did you go?


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