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Beach Ecosystems

We are so lucky to live near the Atlantic Ocean and the ecosystem of a beach! Here are some

activities to do by the seashore. Low tide is the best time to do these.

Materials needed:

Paper and clipboard or notebook

Pencil or pen

Colored pencils/ markers/crayons

Small bucket

Observe the plant life at the beach. What do you see? How many types of seaweed can you

find? Take pictures of them so you can identify which types you've found. Look for driftwood and

other items that have washed ashore. With permission from an adult, collect non-living items to

remind you of your beach excursion.

Close your eyes and listen to what you hear. What smells do you experience? Take a walk. If

there are rock formations, with adult supervision, explore the life in the tidal pools. What

different species live there?

What birds, mammals, mollusks and crustaceans do you observe? Make a list of them. Draw

some and color the illustrations. You may want to do some research on one or more of these

creatures, make a booklet or slideshow and share with your teacher, class, Hussey School

community and relatives.

Enjoy this beautiful ecosystem!


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