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Earth Day Acrostic Activity

Earth Day Acrostic: Write the words Earth Day and then think of something on planet Earth that begins with each letter. Illustrate some of the words. Look up the definition of 5 or more of the words and write 3 facts about each word. You could create a book and share it with your teacher by Zoom! Have fun! Here's mine:

E- elephants A- anteaters R- rainforest T- trees H-horses D- daffodils A- antelope Y- yaks

Write a Thank You Letter to the Earth/Create a Book Write a letter to the Earth listing things that live on Earth/are part of the Earth and why you are thankful for them. For example, "Thank you for the birds because they sound so pretty." Set up the letter as follows: Dear Earth,

Thank you for…..

Your friend,

Happy writing!

**You could make it into a book if you like with one or two words per page and illustrations to match the words.


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