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Movement from Ms. Gold, let’s exercise our brains!

Click the blue link for a demonstration video.

  • Side to Side  –  This movement helps with neck muscles!  If your child lays their head down or holds their head in their hands while working,  this movement will help strengthen their neck!

  • Students on all fours on floor like a puppy 

  • Arms straight

  • Slowly turn head to right and stop, back to center and stop, to left and stop

  • 10 reps

  • Moo Cow and Hissy Cat -This movement is great to calm the body and focus attention before and during learning.

  • Students stay on all fours on the floor like a puppy

  • Arms straight

  • Curve spine down to the floor like a moo cow and hold for 5 seconds.

  • Curve spine up to the ceiling like a hissy cat and hold for 5 seconds.

  • 3-4 reps

  • Palmer Video This movement is great to do before writing!

  • Using a koosh ball (or any ball), squeeze the ball and open hand for 10 times

  • Repeat with the other hand 10x 

  • Cross Crawl – knee to elbow 10 times.  Any movement that gets your child to cross their body (search crossing midline for more ideas!) helps to connect both sides of the brain.

  • Students stand as straight as possible and move at a slow pace.

  • Repeat by standing with feet spread apart, reach hands above head.  Cross left hand down to touch right knee and then right hand to left knee.  Repeat 10 times slowly

  • Gas & Go This movement helps with worry and anxiety.  It’s a great way to get the body relaxed.

  • Sit on the floor with feet touching yours.   Have Student push on your feet as if he were pushing on a gas pedal for a count of 5-10.   Then push gently on Student’s feet for a count of 5-10. Repeat this 10x

  • Lazy 8s – 10 times with each arm or on paper/whiteboard.  Students do these daily before literacy! They are great to do anytime!

  • Starting with one arm, place pointer finger in the middle of the lazy 8.

  • Have students go up around, down around, back to the middle, up around, down around, back to the middle (like a figure 8 on its side)

Select a story to read.  If finding time to read a story is challenging, you might find one from  you can either watch together or have your child watch. Then ask 2 questions about the story from each section of these questions.


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